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1st Class Details
1st Class Details

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Trust & Reliability are two very important factors when looking for a company to protect and restore your vehicle’s best features. 1st Class Details has a 5 star customer review rating, and supplies a satisfaction guarantee with each and every vehicle. Head over to our review section to see what all of our great customers are saying about us! 


1st Class Products

From our detailing projects to our full-service car washes, 1st Class Details only uses professional-grade products and equipment, all while supporting other businesses in town. We understand the importance of any small business, and feel that buying local we are not only purchasing from people who understand the equipment they are supplying,  but also helping to support our community in so many ways.  We know, trust, and  understand where our products come from, and love that you can, too. Check out who we use!


1st Class Details

Lets face it, although they all may be luxury vehicles—> the rig worker’s truck, or mom’s carpooling ride may need a bit of a deeper clean than the corporate exec. We all may travel different paths in our day to day activities, but a dust and fingerprint free vehicle, always makes for a smoother ride along the way. With this in mind, we have learned over the years that every taste is different and that the need for car detailing services is unique. That’s why we created an auto detail menu, with the customer in mind. Plus, when you choose our car detailing services in Casper  theres no need to worry about haggling the price, or overspending. We are here to accommodate your vehicle-specific needs, and not hurt your pocket book along the way. Click the button below to see what exactly we are talking about! 


About Us

Locally owned and operated, with the customer always top of mind, 1st Class Details is focused on a different approach to detailing. We focus on quality, as opposed to quantity, and understand that a business is only going to thrive with loyal customers like yourself. When you focus solely on the customer and the detail, and stop thinking about the numbers, you are able to build the relationship, focus on the vehicle, and make sure that the customer is always satisfied. 

When Nate Madetzke started in the auto detailing industry, he was 18 years old, and trying to juggle the adventures of life. He began as a new employee, learning the ins and outs of the industry, starting with the very basics. Eventually he moved his way up to learning paint correction, ceramic coating, and some of the more delicate and tedious tasks that many never get the opportunity to train for. During this time, Nate was mentored by not only one knowledgable and experienced leader, but had the opportunity to learn from multiple different high valued individuals in the course of his time spent in the auto detailing industry. He was able to experience different materials, products, and equipment, and found the brushes that he liked using best, the best way to remove pet hair from carpet, and whether or not he preferred using one cleaning solution over another. Over the next few years, Nate tried his hand in few different arenas, but always came back to his roots. Whether it be full time, or on the side, Nate has never actually stopped detailing. With the experience in place, and the clientele lined up, Nate finally decided to open the doors to his very own business, 1st Class Details. 

When Nate started 1st Class Details, he built the business with the understanding that keeping your vehicle clean isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and let’s face it, definitely not on the top of the to-do list. Plus, paying for it to be done isn't always in the budget. The goal of 1st Class Details, was to build a place where you don’t have to stress. A place that cares about your schedule, and is willing to accommodate what works best for you. A place where price doesn’t break the bank, and a place where convenience and customer satisfaction is never lacking.

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